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QR Codes Based B2C Mobile Commerce and Marketing

If you sell consumabls, such as food & drinks, vitamins & dietary supplements, cosmetics, hygiene / body & bath products, office supplies, contact lenses - anything that people purchase regularly - QRwave will make your customers much more likely to re-order from you than to search for a similar product from your competition.

The fact that customer just needs to scan QR code on the packaging to re-order the item (or order supplies for an item) can make a difference between ordering or postponing the order until the customer has more time / can get to the computer (which can be never), or ordering from you versus your competition (because by the time the customer got around to order, he might not remember from whom he had ordered the original item and it's easier to google, than find your company).

IMPORTANT! If you are selling through a third party (e.g. Amazon, EBay, etc.) QRwave gives you a chance to sell to the same customer directly after the first order, and get in contact with the customer through your application. If all the customer needs to do is scan QR code to re-order, he will likely do this rather than go online and search for the same item again.

QRwave Information & Demo

B2C Mobile Commerce

  • Reach customers on their mobile devices
  • Make it easy to re-order from you
  • Retain customers who bourght first item through a third party vendor
  • Communicate to your customers through the application


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