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QR Codes For mCommerce
And Marketing

QR Codes Use In Retail and Wholesale

QR Codes use is expanding from giving an option to a customer to load your web site or like you on Facebook to useful functions that streamline internal operations and provide better opportunity for customers to learn about and buy your products.

For manufacturing, distribution and wholesale operations inventory management and ordering are the processes that gain obvious benefits from using QR Codes:

  • Automates, speeds, and error-proofs inventory management and ordering
  • Does not require any proprietary equipment - any smartphone (android or iPhone) is a scanner
  • Back end programming is very affordable, unlike proprietary scanning systems

QRwave mobile application deals with B2B ordering part. It allows your clients to place restocking order with a single scan. Your customer employees do not have to be in front of a computer, remember your web site or search for necessary items to place a restocking order. Using QRwave mobile app, authorized employees can place an order on the spot, wherever they are at the moment as soon as they notice that supplies are running low.   QRwave Details >>

For retail, where it is more important to engage and entice customers, there is QRwave B2C. QRwave Retail builds on the first item customer had purchased (or received as a gift) to make customer aware of other related products and provide incentive to buy.   QRwave B2C Details >>

Let Your Customers

  • Re-order item with a single scan
  • Order supplies for the item
  • Order complementary items
  • Get recommendations based on purchase
  • Get coupons & specials
  • Access info relevant to the item
  • Subscribe to product updates / specials
  • Complete orders on device
with QRwave mobile application


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