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QR Codes Based
Inventory Management

QR Codes Based Asset and Inventory Management

QR Inventory is a modern, lightweight yet powerful barcode scanning inventory management solution that uses mobile and QR codes technology to streamline inventory management process. QRinventory provides the power of tracking inventory using barcode scanning without the expense and complexity of proprietary hardware and software usually associated with such systems. All scanning is done by the regular smartphones running iOS or Android.

Any employee who is dealing with inventory can immediately, on the spot update inventory level, status and location by scanning either QR code or regular barcode on the packaging with the smartphone, that most people already have in their pockets (remember, no proprietary bulky barcode scanners). The ease of tracking and updating inventory in this manner ensures that you have an accurate and timely inventory information at all times, no matter how many people in your organization are involved in handling inventory.

The inventory information is accessible via both desktop computers and mobile devices, providing you an accurate and timely inventory picture (status, levels, location) that you can review from anywhere. You can easily locate specific item(s) in the warehouse, access stock levels at different locations, track inventory movements, set re-order alerts, review custom reports.

Please, see more information on QR Codes based inventory management here.

QR Codes Inventory Control

  • Minute-by-minute assesment of inventory levels
  • Place orders on time
  • Avoid supplies shortage, rush shipping charges
  • Streamline restocking order process
  • No proprietary scanning equipment
  • Available for Android and iOS


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