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QR Codes Ordering

B2B E-Commerce: QR Codes Based Mobile Shopping Cart

Make it easy to order from you and you will get more business. Optimize ordering process, help customers avoid ordering errors, supplies' shortages and expedited shipping charges and you will get not only a loyal customer, but also streamline your own workflow.

With QRwave mobile ecommerce solution, any authorized company employee can place restocking order by simply scanning QR code on the box, item or packaging. Employee does not have to be in front of the computer, know the correct vendor, look for the correct item on the web ordering site and place it in his shopping cart. One scan of QR code will send an order to the supplier (you) as soon as customer's employee opens the last box.

In the situations when people who use the supplies are not authorized to place orders, the order can be routed to the office. Authorized personnel then can manage requests, create and submit orders. For your biggest customers we can connect QRwave with inventory management. Your customer will have access to a web dashboard where authorized employees can see current inventory from your company, updated automatically by QRwave.

QRwave Information & Demo

No-Hassle Mobile Re-order

  • Easy QR code generation
  • One step order for your client
  • Order in the field, warehouse, shop, factory floor, store
  • Order is routed straight into your system
  • No barcode scanners are required - use smartphone as a scanner
  • System handles multiple shipping addresses
  • Available for Android and iOS


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