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Apple Passbook Development.
Pass Generation Tools

Apple Passbook: Developing and Integrating Pass Generation Tools

What is Apple Passbook?

Apple Passbook is a new feature of iOS 6 that allows users to store and manage all coupons, loyalty and membership cards, tickets, and other "passes" in a single location. When user approaches relevant location (or at a relevant time) passbook will pop-up the "pass" so that user does not even have to search for it. Importantly, company that created a pass can update it.

Be a part of the most popular iPhone application

It is expensive to make a good mobile app. It is hard to get your customer install it on their phone. Apple Passbook solves these two problems: it is already used by your customers. Now you can get on your customer's phone and put the right promos in front of them at the right moment. No programming required!

How can I distribute passes?

You can distribute Apple Passes via your web site, email, product packaging or catalogs, and / or your mobile application. You can make sure that customer only sees passes that could be of ineterest to him or her based on web site search, purchase history and other parameters.

What do I need to use Apple Passes?

You need:
  • software to generate passes, and
  • ability to process passes, that is to scan, retrieve information and take corresponding actions

How Can You Help Me Use Apple Passbook in My Business?

We help you with these steps by doing the following:
  • Providing server-side software that generates passes, statically or on the fly
  • Linking it to your internal software and / or forms
  • Providing software to update passes information if something has changed
  • Providing mobile application / scanner that you can use to process passes
  • Linking scanner application to your internal system, or providing API for you to do it independently.
  • Providing tools to generate "promotion cards" that you can update with the new offers on the regular basis. Users can get offer card for the category that intersts them via e-mail, by downloading from your web site or by scanning QR Code on the item packaging, catalog or other printed material (check out our ready-to-go mobile promotions / mobile marketing solution based on Apple Passbook).

This integration is much more affordable that you may think. (Not to mention that you cannot afford to miss this boat). To discuss your project and get a quote, please fill out a form on this page, e-mail or call us at (814)867-3200.

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