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Custom Mobile Catalogs
For Android & IOS

Custom Mobile Catalogs For Android and iOS

Custom mobile catalog allows your customers access all of your products, or just categories they are interested in, on their mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad). When planning your mobile catalog, please keep in mind: space on the mobile devices is limited, customers will only keep your catalog on their smartphones / tablets if it provides individualized service and useful information.

Below is the list of standard features included with our catalogs. They will make your catalog stand out, engage customers and provide incentives to buy your products. Others can be added at your request.

  • Interactive products presentation: albums of images with ability to manipulate and interact with images, audio and video
  • Individualized approach: feed products that customer might be interested in based on his selection and / or history of past purchases
  • Ideas on product usage (e.g. recipes, home project ideas, etc.)
  • Product recommendations
  • Coupons for immediate use
  • Notifications on product updates, specials and discounts
  • Loyalty program
  • Shopping cart to complete purchase on device


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