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AHG Mobile Catalogs
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The Deals on Outdoors and Sports Gear, Apparel, Footwear, Travel

Dynamic Catalog of Specials and Deals for Active Lifestyle

If you like active lifestyle, you will love mCatalog. It is filled with huge discounts and great deals on high quality items you might not find otherwise. mCatalog is dynamic - the deals and specials are updated regularly, and there is a special "deal of the day" category which is updated daily. Enjoy interactive product presentations not available in web catalogs - drag around, zoom in and out and rotate images to see all details of an item from every point, listen to audio presentation or view video. The ability to manipulate images and listen to audio presentations (when merchants provide them) makes it easy to use mCatalog even on smartphones with smaller screens, not just tablets.

You can select categories, apply search criteria to download only products / services that are of interest to you. Then review catalog on- or offline. Page through the products, manipulate images, read description or listen to product presentations, view the videos. Click through to merchant web site when you decide to make a purchase, share purchase link with your friends on facebook or twitter, or send it to yourself to complete purchase later from your computer. You receive notifications on the new deals as they become available.

Products categories offered through mCatalog are:

  • Outdoor & Recreation (camping, hiking, biking, climbing, swimming, paddling, fishing and hunting, etc. - gear, accessories and clothing)
  • Sports Gear, Apparel and Footwear (skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, sailing, etc.)
  • Fitness, Wellness, Weight Loss - from running shoes to vitamins and food supplements to fitness equipment
  • Travel Specials and Deals (airfare, hotels, car rentals, vacation properties)
  • Sports and outdoor related electronics, clothing and footwear

Donít see what you are interested in? Want to see new categories? Please, let us know. We are constantly working with new merchants to bring you great deals on the best products.